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Thats Hot: Survival of the Hottest.

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If you plan on being inactive for a while tell us HERE

Application One
Application Two
Short Application
I'd suggest the short application only if you're confident, gorgeous, or just lazy. Most people pick the longer applications, though.

There are no more auto-accepts left.

A really old CD(spice girls, Hanson, BSB, etc.)
flip flops
red phone
pink nailpolish (you can get this off the net, Adam =P)
rubber ducky
A phone book
beach towel
pink cell phone
the taco bell dog (haha)
A can of axe (your boyfriend, dad, or adam might have this lol)
Happy hunting!

Best Socks
Ends:Friday, July 15th.
Post your socks here yo.

by: episkeyy

Promoting- 5 points for every link you provide.
Participating in a theme/contest/scavenger hunt- 15 points.
Winning a contest- 20 points.
Making a banner- 10 points for every banner/graphic.
Becoming member of the month- 20 points
Picture entry- 2 points for every picture you provide.
text entry- 2 points.
Making us a sister to another community- 10 points.

The Store

1 auto accept/auto reject: 30 points
Choosing the background music: 45 points
Getting a mod//member to write something nice about you to put in your user info:55 Points
Free Layout:75 points
That's all until I get more suggestions!

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